Taxes in IT

Legal and tax advice on issues related to innovation, implementation of solutions suited for changing business and tax environment

We have experience in the provision of legal and tax advisory services related to the most common tax issues related to the IT industry and the modern technology sector.

Our services cover both ongoing advice on the tax consequences of certain provisions agreed in IT contracts, as well as comprehensive support for our Clients in resolving tax issues arising in their daily operations. The services we provide in this area are aimed at providing our Clients with full awareness and transparency of the tax consequences related to their business plans.

We give opinions and help to construct legal and tax solutions for IT resource management models in capital groups (e.g. Shared Services Centers – SSC), including those related to settlements in the structure of related entities.
Regardless of the above, we advise our Clients on the implementation and settlement of tax reliefs and solutions related to IT and innovation, especially:

•IP (Innovation) Box – a practical way to apply a 5% income tax rate to the income generated from creative and innovative activities
•research and development (R&D) tax relief – a tax tool enabling the deduction of the same, innovative tax deductible costs from the income twice.
•50% tax deductible costs (Artist Tax Scheme – ATS) – a tax solution designed to improve the attractiveness of employee’s remuneration system by increasing employee’s net salary

As part of our services, we perform audits and provide opinions on issues and legal solutions indicated by our Clients, as well as help in the development of detailed documentation securing the application of specific tax solutions. We prepare draft letters and tax explanations for our Clients, as well as comprehensively support the processes of obtaining tax law interpretations regarding problematic tax areas.

Our specialists:
Michał Barta Mateusz Kozieł Adrianna Żyrek